Edward Albee’s Marriage Play


An independent venture produced by Catherine Babbitt, Andrew Thornton, and Tim Hedgepeth, Marriage Play is featured as one of this season’s Classic Theatre Presents projects.

San Antonio-based theater artists Babbitt, Thornton and Hedgepeth are teaming up with Classic Theatre for a fall “Classic Presents” production of the absurdist comedy-drama, Marriage Play, a seldom-seen work by Pulitzer and Tony-Award winning playwright Edward Albee who passed away on September 16, 2016.

Jack and Gillian’s 30-year marriage appears to be falling apart. Marriage Play explores the crisis as they sort through the memories, grievances, and love they’ve shared, searching for certainty about their future.


Photo by Siggi Ragnar

“Albee has often mined and examined the idea–and/or the institution–of marriage in several of his best works,” says Hedgepeth, “and often to harrowing, heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious depths. His economy of action and dialogue in Marriage Play, which runs a mere 75 minutes, have provided several rewarding challenges for us in bringing it to life. The three of us love this play. I think it’s a remarkable work.”

The production runs October 7-23, 2016 at The Classic Theatre, 1924 Fredericksburg Road.

Due to adult themes and language, the play is recommended for mature audiences only.

Performance times:

October 7 and 8 at 8pm

October 9 at 3 pm.

October 13 – 15 at 8pm

October 16 at 3pm and 8pm

October 20 – 22 at 8pm

October 23 at 3pm

For tickets and information, please contact the Classic Theatre www.classictheatre.org / 210-589-8450.


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